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Blast From The Future


Blast Finally a split with our dear friends Metalheadz, it was a long time we were trying to join our forces and this 7″ release is the result. These are 2 new tracks, the first one from us entirely written by Jerry; he also recorded, mixed and mastered both the songs in November 2012.

Hunting The M.I.L.F.


Milf A new cd to “celebrate” the new line up, with Jerry on vocals and still Cuzzo on bass guitar; one new song that you can download and listen carefully.

Perception of this world


And here we go again with our second full length, three songs that you can download and listen carefully before buying the album and help us spreading the “cosmic thrash faith” all over the world!

Human Key

2009 / 2012 (Re-issue)

We know that is obsolete to let people download some mp3s because actually, if wou want to listen to something, the fastest way is “non legal” download, unfortunately… but we’re sure that there are still metalheads really interested in supporting the underground scene, who maybe wants to have an idea of the band before buying the product… the 4 downloadable songs are for you, from our debut album(including a bonus track from the 2012 re-issue).



Four tracks from “Human Key” before the final mix and master, just for labels and webzines; it was a lucky promo, considering that we received positive feedbacks from critics and from some indie label, bringing us to the actual “fellowship” with P18R.

1.Ancient Dome
2.Human Key
3.State Of Regression
4.Fall Of The Dominion



Ancient Dome


The 2005 Ep, out in December: we started to be “known” with this one. Three of the songs were re-recorded from “Once Were Thrashers”, along with the bass interlude Ode To A Muse, written by Cuzzo, Total Command, then re-recorded for our debut album “Human Key”, and My Own War, that is also part of the 2012 “Human Key” reissue out again for P18R (a “new” version, recorded in September 2010).

1.My Own War
3.Metalmaniacs (K.T.M.F.A.)
4.Ode To A Muse (Instrumental)
5.Total Command
6.Wounded Soul



Once were thrashers


First studio experience, we were younger, not so addicted to recording and not so serious. Just a three pieces line up, Paul, Cuzzo and Syra, but there’s also a solo from our first guitar player Pech, the 2nd one in Brainsucker. He left the band some weeks before we decided to enter the studio. We met our actual guitar player Ale for the first time during the recording sessions. .

2.Metalmaniacs (K.T.M.F.A.)
3.Wounded Soul